Sunday, 26 June 2011

What are the differences in the new Aix 6 Editions Express, Standard and Enterprise?

AIX 6 is available in three different editions Express, Standard and Enterprise.

AIX Express Edition:
AIX 6 Express Edition provides the same functional capabilities of AIX Standard, at a lower price.
The scalability of AIX Express Edition is limited to a maximum of 4 cores and 8GB of memory per
core in a single partition. Clients can configure the system with multiple partitions running AIX
Express Edition, but each partition is limited to a maximum of 4 cores and a total of 32GB of
memory per partition. AIX Express Edition is primarily intended for clients who do not need the
levels of scalability possible with AIX Standard or Enterprise Editions useful when consolidating a
number of smaller workloads onto a larger server. AIX Express Edition is also suitable for clients
with small workloads on entry level POWER servers or POWER Blades

AIX Standard Edition:
AIX 6 Standard Edition is the edition that many people would think of as “AIX.” The scalability of
AIX Standard edition is only limited by the current maximum capabilities of the Power Systems
platform of up to 64 cores or 128 threads in a single partition. AIX Standard Edition is relevant for
most customers workloads.

AIX Enterprise Edition:
AIX 6 Enterprise Edition includes all the UNIX capabilities of AIX Standard Edition, AIX 6 Enterprise
Edition also includes significant additional management capabilities with the inclusion of the
following products.
1. The AIX 6 Operating System
2. Workload Partitions Manager
3. IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition.
These products are bundled together under a single ordering and support structure at an
attractive price compared to purchasing the individual products separately which would be the
case for customers running Aix Express or Standard Edition.
AIX Enterprise Edition is intended for clients with large-scale computing environments that would
benefit from the additional monitoring, automation, energy, virtualization and network manage
ability capabilities delivered with AIX Enterprise Edition.

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