Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NIM Server and clent configuration

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@NIM Master connfiguration Steps@@@@@@@@@@@@

lslpp -l | grep nim
bos.sysmgt.nim.client  ----> by default install

installp -ld /dev/cd0 | grep nim  ----> checking for packges of nim to be installed from cd0

we need to install 2 packages from the list


installp -agXd /dev/cd0
installp -agXd /dev/cd0 bos.sysmgt.nim.master

lslpp -l | grep nim

NOTE: before this now please insert a DVD

oslevel -s  -----> to detect the current oslevel

smitty nim
than select Configure NIM Environment
Configure a Basic NIM Environment (Easy Startup)

Select Primary Network Interface for NIM Master



select Input devices for installation images 


LPP Source Name


After answering all the question press enter

After that

Basically it adds 2 subsystems nimd and nimsis

and than Daemons gets started

Than checks for the available space for the new filesystems
and if space is available in VG than it will create the filesystems

than /exports/lpp_source is created from cd0  and than /exports/spot is created from lpp_source

ls -l /etc/niminfo ---> NIM configuration file

lssrc -s nimesis    ---->NIM Daemon

Confirm by 

ps -ef | grep nim

lsnim   ---> command to list all NIM Server Rsource

lsnim -c machines
lsnim -c networks
lsnim -c resources

lsnim -l AIX53TL5LPP  ---> to see details of LPP source

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Client Configuration for NIM installation@@@@@@@@@@@


vi /etc/hosts

add client ip address

and hostname

smitty nim

than select

Perform NIM Administration Tasks
Than Manage Machines
Than Define a Machine
and now enter hostname of the machine

than press enter

object is created now

lsnim -c machines  --> it show client1 machines

lsnim -c standalone

lsnim -l client1   ---> it show details of client1 machine

To allocate a resource to client1 you can use below command

nim -o allocate -a lpp_source=AIX53TL5LPP client1

lsnim -l client1   ---> to confiorm whether lpp_source is allocated to clinte1

nim -o deallocate -a lpp_source=AIX53TL5LPP client1

lsnim -l client1

smitty nim_bosinst --->to initilaize BOS installation

Perform NIM Administration Tasks
Than Perform Operation on Machines
in that select bos_inst

go for rte installation and select lpp_source and spot

NOTE: Lpp_source and spot should be of same level

you can reset the state of NIM client if you do not wat to install NIm client1

nim -o reset client1

@@@@@@@@@@@@How to remove nim client conf from nim master@@@@@@@@@@@@

nim -o deallocate -a lpp_source=AIX53TL5LPP -a spot=AIX53TL5SPOT client1

nim -o remove client1

@@@@@@@@@@@@@How to unconfigure a NIm server @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

nim -o unconfig master

installp -u bos.sysmgt.nim.master
installp -u bos.sysmgt.nim.client
installp -u

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