Wednesday, 8 February 2012

differences in the new Aix version Editions Express, Standard and Enterprise?

AIX Versions

POWER/PowerPC releases

* AIX 6.1

 Workload Partitions
 Live Application Mobility
 Role Based Access Control RBAC
 AIX Security Expert hardening tool
 Trusted AIX
 Encrypting JFS2 filesystem
 Trusted Execution
 Concurrent Kernel Maintenance
 Kernel exploitation of POWER6 storage keys
 probevue dynamic tracing
 Systems Director Console for AIX
 Integrated filesystem snapshot
 Partition mobility on POWER6

* AIX 5L 5.3

 NFS Version 4 support
 Advanced Accounting
 Virtual SCSI
 Virtual Ethernet
 Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) support
 Micro-Partitioning support
 POWER5 support
 JFS2 quota support
 JFS2 filesystem shrink support

* AIX 5L 5.2

 Introduced support for the IBM BladeCenter JS20 with the PowerPC 970.
 Minimum level required for POWER5 hardware
 Support for MPIO Fibre Channel disks
 iSCSI Initiator software
 Dynamic LPAR support

* AIX 5L 5.1

 Introduced support for the IA-64 architecture, although this never went beyond beta,[1]
 Minimum level required for POWER4 hardware and the last release that supported Micro Channel architecture
 Introduction of 64-bit kernel, installed but not activated by default
 introduced Logical Partitioning on POWER4
 The L stands for Linux affinity
 Trusted Computing Base (TCB)

* AIX 4.3.3

o Added online backup function
o Workload Management (WLM)--

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