Wednesday, 15 February 2012

AIX Tips

uname -a

bootinfo -r

lsattr -El mem0

lsdev -Cc processor

pmcycles -m    ---> processor speed in megahertz

bootinfo -K   ---> 32 bit /64 bity kernel

bootinfo -y   ---> hardware type

prtconf | pg  ---> hardware information

lsconf | pg  ---> same O/p as prtconf

lsattr -El sys0   --> attribute of system devices

uname -M   ---> to know about system model

uname -p  -> shows powerPC

bootinfo -p  ---shows architecture type like chrp

errpt | pg  ---> gives a list of errors

last | pg --> last login info detail

who  ---> to view current user login

lsuser ALL ---> list of all user

mkuser santosh

su - santosh

id  ---> to know current user detail like id number


ifconfig -a

netstat -r --> current routing table

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