Friday, 2 September 2011

Migrating to AIX 6.1

Migrating to AIX 6.1 

• Make an mksysb backup for rootvg on bootable media such as tape with verify Readable option turned on. 

• Make a copy of following files if exist. 

• If /etc/nextboot exists, check and remove any of the restricted tunables so that you pick up the correct defaults. 

• All requisite hardware, including any external devices such as tape, CD, or DVD drives, must be physically connected and turned on. 

• Ensure root user has a primary authentication method of SYSTEM. Run following command to check this condition. 
# lsuser -a auth1 root 
Change the value if needed. 
# chuser auth1=SYSTEM root 

• Other users who have access to the system must be logged off. 

• Check system error log. 
# errpt 

• 64-bit hardware is required by AIX 6.1. To verify the processor capacity, run 
# /usr/sbin/prtconf -c 
The command returns CPU Type: 32-bit or 64-bit. 

• Insert the AIX 6.1 DVD and run following command to mount it to /mnt. Create one if it does not exist. 
# mount -v cdrfs -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt 

• Copy file /mnt/usr/lpp/bos/pre_migration to /tmp directory. And run 
# cd /tmp 
# ./pre_migration 
The output from pre_migration command is saved to the system in the /home/pre_migration.yymmddhhmmss directory. Verify the outputs files to make sure there are no error messages. 

• Shutdown the system by running 
# shutdown -F 

• Manually turn on the system by pressing the power button. The system should boot from AIX 6.1 DVD. 

• Select current console as the system console when prompted. 

• Select English language when prompted. 

• Type 2 to select Change/Show Installation Settings and Install to make sure the installation type is Migration and verify the selected disks to install. Press Enter to confirm and begin the migration installation. After the BOS installation is complete, the system automatically reboots. 

• After the system has restarted, you are prompted to configure your installation of the BOS. 

• Run /usr/lpp/bos/post_migration command. The output is saved in /home/post_migration.yymmddhhmmss directory. Verify the outputs files to make sure there are no error messages.

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