Wednesday, 14 September 2011

AIX Links

Manufacturer Links

General Information
Home Page: IBM United States
Documentation/Information: IBM System p - UNIX servers: Support and services
pSeries and AIX Information Center
Developerworks AIX Wiki: AIX Wiki
In-depth information from IBM:
IBM Redbooks: IBM Redbooks
Updates, Release management
Efix download:
Inventory Scout:
AIX Updates, Maintenance levels: Quick links for AIX fixes
How to build installp/bff packages: Chapter 20. Packaging Software for Installation
Hardware, Firmware
Firmware and Microcode download: IBM Support


Open Source Software for your AIX
IBM AIX Toolbox Download Page - Alphabetical Listing

Other Software

Java for AIX download
For those of you looking for the cmd mktemp found on other unix

Performance Tuning
Initial Tuning and Security Blog
Intorduction to topas (Metrics explained)

Quick Sheet for VIOS (Virtual I/O Server)

AIX Virtual User Group
AIX Movies

Sites with more AIX info
ROOTVG - AIX and System p Portal
AIX Tip of the Week Index
The UNIX Rosetta Stone

Added VIOS link from User

topas link

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