Friday, 16 September 2011

Linux : NTP Error Message "kernel time sync error 0001"

Linux : NTP Error Message "kernel time sync error 0001"

This error message is logged by NTP daemon, and this means that the ntpd fails to adjust OS internal clock for some reasons.

NTP daemon adjusts OS internal clock by invoking system call named adjtimex(). Linux kernel expects the system call to be invoked regularly, as NTP daemon does so normally. When the interval becomes longer than kernel expects, this error message is logged.

Therefore, this error message is logged when NTP daemon:
can not get accurate time information from network time server.
has not invoked adjtimex() for a long time, longer than kernel expects.

Actually, there are no bad effects to the system even if you see this message in system log. Because OS continues to tick the OS internal clock without ntpd adjustments. Also ntpd continues to work, even after ntpd fails to get accurate time from network time server.

You can just ignore this message, since this is not fatal error but notice level message. This message can not be suppressed.

It is better to check your network, or check the network connection between NTP daemon and network time server.

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