Monday, 16 July 2012

Enable user authentication for single user mode

Enable user authentication for single user mode

By default you will be automatically logged in to single user mode as root, this can be security risk so better to enable a user login add the single user mode.
RHEL/CentOS & most of the unix OS allows access from the console into single user mode without a password. This is handy when things get messed up preventing access to the auth subsystems. To accomplish the same behavior under Ubuntu, edit the /etc/inittab file and change the line.

Step 1 : Edit /etc/inittab file
[root@siddhesh ~]# vi /etc/inittab

Step 2 : Add following entry at end of the file

Step 3 : Save & Exit this file.

Try booting your machine in level 1 to check this security feature.

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