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system configuration and diagnostic information on Linux systems

prtdiag displays system configuration and diagnostic information on Linux systems.

 Especially on x86 platforms many information is aquired by reading the appropriate values from BIOS using dmidecode(8) and biosdecode(8) from the dmidecode package, which require super user privileges. Therefore this script should be run as super user (aka root).
Furthermore this script utilizes the sysfs of Linux 2.6.x or better kernels, especially for retrieving SCSI and hardware sensor information. It expects the sysfs to be mounted on the /sys directory. NOTE: This script does not try to setup or load any hardware monitoring kernel modules - so the lm_sensors utilities are not used. However you may use its sensors-detect(8) as well as the i2c-detect(8) utilities to find out, which modules are appropriate for your hardware and how to load them automatically at startup.


-f         display all temperatures values in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.

-h       display a short usage summary and exit.
-H      Do not display the report header (which usually consists of the hostname and time of    execution of the script).

-V     display version and copryright information and exit.
-t       types

A simple string, which indicates, what system information should be displayed. The following letters are honored:

g    general platform
c    CPUs
p    PCI (especially IO) devices
i     IDE devices
s    SCSI devices
m   memory devices
e    environment (i.e. fan speeds, temperatures, voltages)
b    BIOS/PROM version
a    all (default)

Download it from below link
tar jxf prtdiag-1.2.tar.bz2 
cd prtdiag-1.2

[root@server2124 prtdiag-1.2]# prtdiag
*** lm_sensors was NOT found. ***
*** Get lm_sensors from or your Linux vendor. ***
*** System information will be limited. ***

System Hostname:
Time of Report: Sat Jan  7 02:18:32 PST 2012
System Configuration: [x86_64] Unknown Vendor Unknown Model (4 X Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5506  @ 2.13GHz 2133.338 MHz)
System clock frequency: UNKNOWN (no APIC in kernel?)
Memory size (approximate): 7168 Megabytes

========================= CPUs ========================

 CPU #      CPU MHz     CACHE (KB)     Bogomips
-------    ---------   ------------   ----------
   0        2133.338      4096 KB
   1        2133.338      4096 KB
   2        2133.338      4096 KB
   3        2133.338      4096 KB

====================== IO Devices =====================

***** No PCI or ISA buses found! *****

====================== IDE Devices ======================

*** No IDE channels present, hence no devices! ***

===================== SCSI Devices ======================

Host/Channel/ID/LUN      Vendor           Model           Type
-------------------     --------        ---------       --------
scsi1 / 0 / 00 / 00     MITSUMI         CD-ROM          CD-ROM
scsi3 / 0 / 00 / 00     ATA             WDC             Direct-Access

================== Environmental Status =================

*** Unable to provide Environmental Status Data. ***

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